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In Nicholas lottery "re-boot" on Facebook is giving away Pegasus Spiele fun gifts and an exclusive Munchkin Card

Friedberg, 05 December 2014: Nicholas's time to ring the door - and thus also the boots of the nation. Receives support of the "Saint Nicholas" in the distribution of gifts this year of a winged horse from Friedberg: In the current Facebook Contest of Pegasus Spiele the motto is "Show me your pictures, here is your Schuh', we'll see you hard-working players like to" , While waiting for the winners of the interactive Boots Do not look only six games with boots, but also the previously unpublished Munchkin Card "re-boot".

To participate in the contest, it is on the Facebook page of Pegasus games on the contest post with a new "games boots" picture - no matter what the game - to respond and share the post. Included in the raffle is finally a mail to (subject: "Re-Boots"), in which all set boot images are assigned to their respective game. For each correct answer, a lot goes into the lottery pot.

The conditions for participation in competitions of Pegasus games can be found here .

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