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Currently find the first Pegasus game days instead 2013th In the participating shops, the news of Pegasus games are played.

FRIEDBERG 18, March 2013 - Until 20 March dealer may Pegasus games-day spring 2013 sign and align their own game day. Pegasus offers for this game a games package with news from the publishing program at a special price. If necessary, help the experienced support team in the organization and conduct of the Games tag. The games have a 31-day March.

"We want to strengthen the traditional stores with the game days and lead the customer back to the store in their area," explains Andreas Finkernagel, Managing Director and Head of Sales at Pegasus Games. The program matches the current day includes not only games for the whole family, but also for strategy and card games in between.  

Following the success of recent years with up to sixty participating retailers expanding Pegasus games from the popular event series. 2013, the game takes place on three days instead of two dates. The following games are on 21-day June to 7 July (summer games-day) and 22 November to 8 December (game-day winter) instead. On the website all participating shops are listed.

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