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Playing with the pampering aromatherapy

In Viva Java Games enjoyment of Pegasus Spiele is wanted by würfelnd finest quality coffee - a foretaste of spring novelty there at the International Toy Fair Nuremberg 2015


Friedberg, January 23, 2015: You have not read any coffee grounds to know that coffee is one of the world's most popular beverages. Since the 16th century, the hot stimulant conquered by the Ethiopian region of Kaffa from the palates of the world by storm. Today, every German drinks an average of almost half a liter of coffee per day. Thus, from the consumer also a pleasure to work is coffee roasters in full swing it to tickle the pampering flavor from the beans out. But soon can top coffee Cams Categories in no time - Viva Java Games Pegasus makes it possible. This family-friendly dice game of TC Petty III invites with clever of action and an exciting course to an enjoyable rounds at the table.

A first taste of Viva Java there at the International Toy Fair Nuremberg 2015 from 28 January to 02 February at the booth of Pegasus Spiele in the foyer of Hall 11.0.

In the exciting world of coffee cubes, players can customize their game "gentle" or "spicy" depending on experience. True lovers, however, provides the enclosed extension "Al Gusto" and enjoy all your own taste.

On the hunt for pleasure points the players roll each round with coffee aroma cubes. With the diced coffee beans either the special blends of Viva Java Coffee Co. KG can be developed and refined. Or is dedicated to the research progress of the company, which is not only the chances of subsequent rounds improved, but is also rewarded with sufficient use with pleasure points.

With Viva Java Games Pegasus is a woken up to four players, ages 10 and can treat for 20 to 40 minutes at the table. Various game modes and a loving design make the perfect refined Games enjoyment. Viva Java appears in the first quarter of the 2015th

Preliminary invites Pegasus Spiele press and media representatives to a cafe to visit the press preview of the Nuremberg Toy Fair model: On January 27, 2015 9-13 clock at NCC Ost Nuremberg Exhibition Centre.

INFO Viva Java in the preview of the Pegasus Games Kitchen

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