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Pegasus Games presents fantastic worlds on the biggest RPG Event in Europe 

Friedberg, 05.17.2016: For the tenth time the Role Play Convention Germany opens its doors to all fans fantastic spheres. In this context Pegasus held games at booth A-74 on 28 and 29 May at the Cologne fair a varied program for visitors ready: With different demo games, Games were for successful role playing Cthulhu and Shadowrun and tournaments for Munchkin, Mage Wars Arena Krosmaster catered for best entertainment.


All gears oiled in Munchkin Steampunk

For the latest title in the hit series Munchkin to Monster and Munchkins have thrown in steampunk shell and know how to entertain with fresh wit and original style illustrations. This was a must for Munchkin fans.  Munchkin Steampunk cwas the first tournament of the Munchkin Crusade at the booth of Pegasus Games.  


·          Roll for the Galaxy: throwing dice for Galactic Empire

·          The whole world of Markus Heitz 'The Dwarves

·          Beat'em'Up feeling with Yomi


In addition to tournaments and RPG rounds there were also a wide variety of board games at the booth, among which were, the beginner-friendly titles such as Dungeon Roll, Zombie Dice, The Lord of the Rings Mau Mau and The Hobbit - the battle of five armies: battle for the Arkenstone, plus demanding titles such as the illustrated fantastic Tides of Time and the extensive dungeon crawler Krosmaster Quest with its painted miniatures in anime style and Retro Games boss monsters and pixels Tactics from the Pegasus Games 8-bit world. Of course there was also a fantasy event for the RPC werewolves.


Krosmaster Arena Qualifier     Mage Wars Team Battles        Munchkin Crusade     


Cthulhu: Quick Inception     Cthulhu: harvest time    Cthulhu: success of the Edition 7: Back and views, and award ceremony of the adventure competition    Shadowrun: Start Fast     Shadowrun: The awaits you this year

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