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Dwarves against minions

With The Dwarves: The duel Pegasus Games and the novel The Triumph of the dwarves face from February, the popular hero of fantasy literature new adventures

Friedberg, January 15, 2015: So far, two million sold "dwarfs" novels make the adventures of the heroes axtbewehrten to Tungdil gold hand for Germany's most successful fantasy series. With the triumph of the dwarves brings MIRROR bestselling author Markus Heitz now its heroes back and the epic saga to a grand finale. Shortly after this bang immediately follows the next: With the fast card game Dwarfs: The duel Pegasus Games.

As of February 16 and 2015, can again be immersed deep in the recovered land, because then appears at Piper, the fifth volume of the "dwarfs" series, The Triumph of the dwarves. Soon after, can the table games go on the battle - and on several fronts. With The Dwarves: The duel Pegasus games, players and enthusiasts reading one hand, offered a completely new gaming experience. In the intense duel a player takes the role of the little hero, while his opponent is leading the enemies of the country with salvaged to skill and luck of the dice. In addition, the title includes brand new adventure maps for the cooperative board game Hit The dwarfs, which is present in its 3rd edition. Due to this, players can use the events of the new novel enact and bring their own efforts a good ending for the bearded heroes The dwarves. The duel was released in March 2015, Pegasus Spiele a first impression may be made ​​to the International Toy Fair Nuremberg from 28th January procure until 02 February 2015. 
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