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"What Does That Mean? Infamous?"

New Pathfinder Adventure Card Game deck now available!

Treachery on the high seas? Say it ain't so with the latest Pathfinder Adventure Card Game deck!

What's better than being famous? Why being infamous, of course, and in Pathfinder Adventure Card Game: "The Price of Infamy", your scurrilous scallywag of the Shackles gets a chance to really show your stuff—because now it's personal. All of the Shackles are under threat of invasion, and you'll have to rally allies to defend your mutual home! This 110-card expansion to Pathfinder Adventure Card Game: Skull & Shackles continues the adventure with new scenarios, locations, monsters, villains, and, of course, new loot for your pirate to bedeck themselves in! Don't miss a single release with the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game subscription, and remember that subscribing will give you discounts on Adventure Card Game accessories, as well as exclusive promotional cards, like this month's Mistmourn or Blessing of Zogmugot!

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