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Are you ready to roll? Our latest collaboration with Q-workshop is a step beyond for Pathfinder and dice fans! Today, they've launched their first Kickstarter project to create a new 7-dice fully metal set of Pathfinder dice. This new set will push the boundaries of dice production, with each die featuring an intricate design, fine 3D detailing, and subtle finishing.

This image is a visualization and finished product may vary.

We know that fans of Pathfinder really love dice, and so do we! If you follow our Pathfinder Adventure Path line, you may recognize Q-workshop from their line of themed dice sets. Each of these sets has been designed to tie into the visual themes of the Pathfinder Adventure Path campaigns, complete with etched detailing and vibrant colors.

This Pathfinder Metal Dice Set project will be a truly awesome technical achievement in dice production. While Q-workshop has always been at the forefront of making the beautiful dice sets, and has produced in metal, no set has ever been created quite like this. The success of this Kickstarter will enable them to continue to do more unique and exciting projects in the future.

"We are really excited," says Agnieszka Przychodniak, Project Manager at Q-workshop, "both because this is our first Kickstarter project and also because of the technological side of this endeavour—it's quite a challenge! We are really looking forward to creating this dice set together with the Kickstarter community."

Help Paizo and Q-workshop get metal! Check out the Kickstarter, or subscribe to get a look at the designs and get all the updates!

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