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Oh, There Were Signs, And More Than Whispers...

New Pathfinder Society Scenarios now available!

The first three Year of the Serpent scenarios released to the public at Gen Con 2015 last week, and now you can pick them up to run for your local gaming group!

In #7-01 Between the Lines, rivals of the Pathfinder Society have made it to a valuable location in Katapesh first, but only to have both parties realize that the artifacts they're after are already on the streets in the capitol's bazaars. Instead of shopping until they drop to find the obscure text they desperately need, the Society's mission spirals out of control.

Next, the society needs to negotiate and fight their way to a secluded settlement in #7–02: Six Seconds to Midnight in time to obtain a rare reagent. What they find is the most extraordinary of events, but how do they handle the phenomenon's aftermath?

And finally, in #7-03: The Bronze House Reprisal, Pathfinder Society agents need to infiltrate one of the Aspis Consortium's artifact-smuggling operations. Going off of clues left by one of the Cosortium's masterminds, Maiveer Sloan, the PCs aim to send a clear message: "No attack will go unanswered."

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RPG Superstar Open Call Submissions Are Open!

So, do you wanna be an RPG Superstar? Now's your chance! This year we've moved the contest to the summer, amped up the pace, and have new lineup of design challenges, and we want you for our Open Call. Submissions of your own wondrous item, magic armor, or magic weapon are open until August 16, 2015. If you've ever hesitated about entering before, don't hold back! This contest is always looking for newcomers to inject creativity and a fresh perspective into the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. Catch up on the contest details, bust out those playtesting dice and calculators, and submit now!

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