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Benjamin Loomes here, Creative Director and developer at Syrinscape. With the release this week of the new Hook Mountain Massacre Adventure Path SoundPack, I've been reflecting on how far audio has come at my gaming table since my first efforts with mix cassette tapes and movie soundtracks. I'm amazed, and a little bit proud.

Our paths may have crossed at PaizoCon or Gen Con, where I'm usually DJ-ing the Pathfinder Special, or maybe you have seen my YouTube channel, The Dicestormers. Remember the arrival of the Gargantuan Skeletal Dragon with a huge explosion from the subwoofer, causing Johnny's massive spit-take? Or when the party gingerly peered down the hole to the next level below and an ominous growl from one of the rear speakers made Nathan announce, "The party has decided to return to town and reconsider their careers." Or when the drums of battle finally broke the building tension, eliciting cheers from my gaming group. All of these awesome moments and more were created with Syrinscape, the audio soundscape app I developed for tabletop games.

The Hook Mountain Massacre Adventure Path SoundPack, is our third for Pathfinder, replete with the loose bowels of Hill-billy Ogrekin, an extra-ordinarily huge sounding Black Magga, a breaking dam, vicious Donkey Rats, a deeply disturbing Nymph Ghost, a Stone Giant who is so butch he redefines the word, and so very much more. Your game won't be complete without a double-headed Ettin-duet, with drums, chest-beating, and two very big, bad, heads attempting their own special version of harmony with gusto and awesome splendor. Said Paizo Creative Director, James Jacobs, "Playing Gorger and Chaw's songs simultaneously might be one of my new favorite things. Well done!!" Thanks James, we have to agree.

Our hope for Syrinscape is to engage gamers more fully into their play experience. By providing the sounds that add a dynamic new layer to the gaming table, and that strike emotional chords with the players, we think we do just that.

And we couldn't be doing this without you, Paizonians! To thank you for your support, we'd like to add some hair-raising, auditory spookiness to your October gaming by giving away free our Haunted House SoundPack ($10 value), which includes the "Abandoned Lunatic Asylum", "Deserted Haunted House", and more! Sign in to Syrinscape, follow the "Voucher" link from the homepage, and use the code PAIZOTHANKYOU to download the free Haunted House SoundPack, now until November 1, 2014. No purchase required.

Let the games continue, and noisily too!

Benjamin Loomes
Creative Director, Syrinscape

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