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And Lovers War with Arrows Over Secrets They Would Tell!

New Pathfinder Campaign Setting release now available!

Don your shining Eagle Knight armor and fight for freedom with Andoran, Birthplace of Freedom our latest Pathfinder Campaign Setting book!

Wedged between the crumbling empire of Taldor and the devil-worshipers of Cheliax, the self-made nation of Andoran shines proudly on the coast of the Inner Sea. Ruled by a Supreme Elect chosen by the people, Andoran is surrounded by aristocratic enemies who believe the republic is an experiment doomed to failure, but who also fear its growing power. Within its own borders, Andoran must face the threat of the greedy Lumber Consortium, warbands of hobgoblins, tribes of werewolves, and increasingly violent creatures of the wilds who are enraged at seeing their forests destroyed for profit.

Whether your players are noble supporters of freedom, agents of older empires, or opportunists seeking to carve out their own places in a young nation, this book has everything you need to run a campaign in the tumultuous land of Andoran, including in-depth gazetteers of Andoran’s settlements, details on the organization of the Eagle Knights, secrets of groups with no loyalty to the government of Andoran, numerous adventure sites ripe for exploration, new monsters, NPCs, random encounter tables, a full write-up of the nation’s patron agathion, and more!

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