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PATHFINDER ADVENTURES digitalised is an amalgamation of the excellent role-playing game and the superb card game.

As a game it doesn't truly equate to the action shown on it's advertising, but it is a fun, fast-paced (well actually it's played at whatever speed you want it to be) battle of wits (and luck) against a very highly intelligent A.I. that pulls no punches.

There are numerous online card games available and to gain players each game requires something to attract them. 
I'd like to say that I am up to date with them all, for I have played, I thought, quite a lot, but I decided to do a quick internet check (what else is Google and Wikipedia for ?) and I had to do a double-take at what I discovered.

This short list is of Non-Collectible Online Trading Card Games (as with the next list, following, I have noted the games I have played or have heard of - I suddenly feel rather out of the loop)
In my defence (of this list at least, I never had a Gameboy, GameCube or Neo Geo Pocket Color). My PlayStation Portable was used for watching movies on, my XBox 360 is still going strong but was used for Guitar Hero and the PS2 is occasionally still used for Sing Star. Besides, apart from the game I admit to playing, Dinosaur King, I hadn't heard of any of these games until I saw this list on Wiki.

Now we move on to the long list, how many do you remember or even recognise.?  List copied from Wikipedia.  

Alteil (2004)  Animation Throwdown: The Quest For Cards   Ange Vierge (TCG) (November 2014)   Apron of Magic (July 2010)   
Artifact (2018)   Astral Towers   Avillum   B2B The Game: Born 2 Burn (Street Ace S.L.) (December 2011)    
Battle of Summoners Online CCG (2012)   BattleCraft: Collect, Craft, Battle Online TCG (2011)  
Battlegrounds of Eldhelm    
Berserk the Cataclysm   Cabals: Magic & Battle Cards  Yes  Card Hunter  Yes   Card Monsters   Carte   Cartoon Orbit   
Chaotic Trading Card Game  Chron X    Clash of Cards: Azorian Kings (2015) Clash of the Dragons    Clone Wars Adventures   Yes  
Combat Cards (2005)   Coraabia RPCG   Dark Heroes (Big Viking Games) (Oct 2013)  Drakenlords (Everguild)   DRAKERZ-Confrontation (2012)  
Duelyst   Ederon Online Trading Card Game (Ederon Team)  The Elder Scrolls: Legends (March 2017)  Yes  Elements The Game Online (2011)  Yes  
Eredan (year?)  Eternal    The Eye of Judgment (Sony/Wizards of the Coast[14] (October 2007) (Included three expansions) Yes  
Fable Fortune  Yes  Faeria (Abrakam) (2017)  Yes  Fallen Worlds Online   Fantasy Cards RT   The Far Wilds (Code Collective) (November 2009) 
Forgotten Myths (January 2013)  Free Realms (Topps) (2009)  Yes  Fruitcraft (Turned On Digital) (August 2013)  Gwent: The Witcher Card Game  Yes   
Hearthstone (Blizzard Entertainment) (March 2014)  Yes  Hex: Shards of Fate (Cryptozoic EntertainmentYes   Infinity Wars (Lightmare Studios)   
Kaijudo Online    Keepers of Grimoire   Kingdoms CCG (Antic Entertainment) (May 2012) Kings and Legends   Knightfall: Rivals    
Legends of Norrath    Magic Duels  Yes   Magic: The Gathering Arena (2018)  Yes  Magic: The Gathering – Duels of the Planeswalkers (June 2009) Yes
Magic: The Gathering Online (June 2002)  Yes  Magic The Gathering: Shandalar (April 1997) Yes  Marvel Super Hero Squad Online  Yes  
Might & Magic: Duel of Champions (Ubisoft) (Sept 2012) Yes  Moonga Online (EverdreamSoft) (January 2010)   Naruto Online (OASIS GAMES Bandai)    
Orbs CCG [26]    Order and Chaos Duels [27]   Phageborn Trading Card Game  Phantom Dust    Plants vs. Zombies Heroes   Yes  
Pokémon TCG Online (2011)  Yes   PoxNora   Yes   Prime Elements TCG (CloudGears UG)   Quest Adventure Cards (LGCK2) (2010)
Quest for Arete [31] (2012)    Rise of Mythos (year?)   Sanctum (game)    Sangokushi Taisen (2005)   Scrolls (Mojang) (December 2014)  
Serpent's Tongue (UnBoUnd Games) (2012)  Shadow Era (Wulven Games) (February 2011)   Shadowverse (Cygames) (June 2016)   
SolForge (Stoneblade Entertainment) (May 2016)    Soul Card Master (Mobicle) (August 2005)  Spellcraft: Descent into Chaos (Three Goblins Ltd.) (Sept 2012)
Spellweaver  (Dream Reactor)  Star Chamber: The Harbinger Saga  Stargate SG-1 Collectible Card Game (Comic Images) (March 2007)
Titanfall: Frontline    TopCar Digital Trading Cards (mytcg Technologies)  Urban Rivals (Boostr) (Jan 2006)  Visions of Zosimos (Forever Interactive LLC)    
With Authority!  WTactics: A Free, Pro and Open Source Collectible Card Game (In Development)  Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links   Yes  
Yu-Gi-Oh! Online (Konami)  Yes   Zombie Jombie (GREE, Inc.)   Zillions of Enemy X (Broccoli)  

See what I mean about competition ?

You should always read the cards that you are dealt for they each have special and specific abilities and/or powers. Sometimes the attributes of a card are only instigated when you Discard the card or possibly another card. 

Thankfully PATHFINDER ADVENTURES already has a name that most people will immediately recognise, which gives the digital card version a boost that only games like Magic the Gathering and Pokemon enjoy. Role-playing games players especially will already have some of the necessary knowledge of the characters, locations and adversaries met in the game and thus should also be aware about the spells and amulets etc. This card game doesn't allow you the freedom to enjoy your characters as much as the RPG does, nor do you create them in anything like the same way. It is more like the PATHFINDER ADVENTURE card game where virtually everything is predetermined as far as stats and equipment etc are concerned. Your job is mainly to react to and against the enemies and what cards they play by using the cards in your hand that are currently available to you. As you have a shuffled hand of cards it is luck as to what you are holding and those dealt to you may be good and obvious but they can also be of little use other than to be discarded when you take damage.

You have four heroes, each with a differently styled deck of characters, spells, artefacts etc, that you send to different areas on the map to discover and defeat the enemies there. You can put your heroes into the order you wish them to activate and then off they go to appear at the gates or whatever of the region selected. Quite often you are up against a villain and its minions who have been randomly spread across the map so that you never know where the main villain is until you knock on its door. Often the first thing that occurs is the enemy plays a card that causes damage, meaning you have to discard as many cards as damage taken, because your die roll fails - the screen presents you with a Die of the correct size (4 to 20 sided) and to roll it you must click on it, hold and drag it across the screen - it will roll, hit the side and bounce back to show its result. Thus if your die roll doesn't beat the defence number shown on the enemy card your first turn can be at a disadvantage because you have less cards to choose from, and with the luck of the deal it is possible you will have no cards of any use to you. If this happens too often it can be a bit of a drag and somewhat spoil the fun of the battle. I like to win, of course, but I don't mind losing either as it makes for more of a challenging game, but I don't enjoy fighting against an excellent AI with luck on their side.

When attacking or defending, apart from choosing a card for this purpose, you roll a Die or Dice, often with a modifier, needing a result to beat the enemy card's Attack or Defence number (which may also be modified). As I said, I don't think this is as exciting as the Card or Role-Play game of the PATHFINDER name but it is easily as enjoyable as the, also previously mentioned, MtG or Pokemon digital games. 

If you are alone and missing your PATHFINDER ADVENTURES then this is a reasonable temporary fix.

© Chris Baylis 2011-2015