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The Path of Motus Is Now Available, Proceeds Going To Charity

St. Louis, Missouri – July 17th, 2018 – After three years of development, The Path of Motus has launched on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam. The game explores the psychology behind bullying, and features a verbal combat system where words have the power to destroy. Additionally, game designer Michael Hicks has announced his partnership with The Cybersmile Foundation, a leading non-profit that helps thousands of bullying victims each year through their support lines. The game costs $14.99, and 10% of all sales will be donated to Cybersmile. A Deluxe Version that includes the game's soundtrack is also available for $17.99 on PlayStation 4 and Steam.

In the game, a village of goblins has been trapped inside a mysterious forest; anyone who attempts to leave returns hopeless and defeated. Determined to break new ground, a young goblin named Motus plans to build a series of bridges through the forest. However, his perseverance will soon be tested, as he meets bullies that use their own words to stop him. "Playing as Motus requires you to have resilience, and lets players explore the deeper reasons for why people resort to aggression," explains Hicks.

Hicks' own experiences inspired his vision for Motus. "When I was younger, I was interested in what made bullies act so aggressive. As time went on I began to befriend some of them, and learned they had either been bullied themselves earlier in life, had really bad family lives, or were just simply jealous of other people; I kept all of this in mind as I designed the game. As Motus gradually grows from a child to an adult, you'll get to explore the motivations of the characters you meet, and I expect you'll have some surprising moments in the process! I feel the discussion around this topic often ignores the root causes of bullying, so hopefully this game lets us see how our own actions potentially contribute to this issue."

Motus' message and charity involvement isn't the only way Hicks hopes to give back: "I've launched a Youtube channel that shows people how to make their own games! It's all free, and the programming skills you'll learn can be used in a wide variety of professions. Hopefully I can pass on the joy of game development to people who need it." These videos can be found by visiting


THE PATH of MOTUS is currently available on the PC via STEAM. It is presented by Michael Hicks' "Michael Arts"

It is a side-scrolling platform style game with truly colourful high definition graphics. The Goblins, in particular, are sharp, bright-eyed impish little creatures, almost loveable, even the evil red ones that attack you on sight.


You take control of 6 year old Motus, a happy little Goblin who as yet isn't particularly street-wise. Motus lives in a home with his Grandpa, an old Goblin in a wheelchair, who has told him stories about the surrounding forest. In the 100 years or more the village has stood no one has ever gets out of it. and no one has ever come through it and in. Motus decides that this sounds like an enjoyable adventure and that it is time for him to go on a journey similar to a Rite of Passage, at least that's how Motus sees it. His grandad believes that it is just a six-year-old scamp going off to chase dragons (in the nicest possible way) and that he (Motus) will soon be home when he gets tired and hungry.


Once Motus gets into the Forest he begins to meet other Goblins, Red in colour, and as he approaches them they begin to cast spells at him. With no weapon to hand Motus (actually it's you pressing the fire button but it sounds better if you believe it is Motus who is in charge) lifts his hands and lightning bolts (or similar) fire from it. 


The combat, right from the beginning, is fun and sharp, ensuring that you watch the screen at all times and have a good idea of the keyboard layout (unlike me). The Goblins attacking have a letter next to them (physically next to them) and it is this letter you have to press on the keyboard to fire your magical hands at him. This is clever but it gets even better for the monsters letter changes after each attack, usually along the central line of the key layout and mainly K or L or H. 

If you are quick enough you can hit you attacker before they hit you. This may mean jumping up, firing and continuing to jump upwards or dropping down. Sometimes your strike gets through, then the opposition die, but more likely you will both fire at the same time and the fiery bolts will hit each other head on. Jump, Fire, Dodge, Fire again, it's all a matter of coordinations, speed and luck.
The puzzles are either truly puzzling or quite easy, often clearly lined and defined, and always fun. You have to be quick and nimble to move Motus on his journey - far quicker and nimbler than I am, but feven though my fingers are not really young enough it still is great to play. Highly amusing.


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