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Paragon is a third person MOBA game (Multi Online Battle Arena) from Epic Games. Players fight in teams of 5 against opposing teams of 5 all using different or similar heroes, each having unique abilities and powers. Paragon is also a card management game with players winning cards whilst playing and using them for various advantages and upgrades. Epic, the publishers, are known for creating the famous Unreal Engine the fourth edition of which this game takes advantage of mercilessly.


The game features two sides typically set against each other at either end of the predetermined map. Both sides have a Base and defensive Towers with the idea being to destroy the opposing Base. Players each take on the role of one of the main characters/heroes each of whom has 5 specialist abilities. Teams also have mind-numbing minions thatt relentlessy rumble on towards the enemy, dying and resurrecting and coming back into the fray, the heroes can do the same, until one or the other of the Bases are destroyed.

Visually this is as good as the majority of fantasy action games. The heroes are exceptionally well designed and represented, and the Battle Arenas are exquisite dioramas. Heroes can gain levels of experience for their actions and players can spend either the experienced gained on the cards, or real money on in-game items that may be useful, cosmetic or simply irrelevant but generally fun. The Heroes and the cards belong to one of the two factions, and characters should use cards that relate to the same faction as them.

I found a good site online that explains the cards:  HERE


Because of the card system you can change your hero's skillset as you play and because the combat is skill based there are times you need to be ready to do this. You gain more experience for winning quickly and without taking a lot of damage whilst also doing as much damage as you can. Unlike most MMOs there is very little travelling between combat areas so it doesn't take long once you are ready to be in the thick of the battle. This makes for fast paced and quite exciting gameplay. 

As long as the players work together which generally means 1 or 2 of them concentrating on the current target building while the others assist the minions against the opposition you will have enjoyable and manic all-action battles. Players that don't work well with others will just ruin the game. If you play regularly it is best to change heroes so that you can build up their experience levels quite uniformly as a balanced team works better. Clear health bars show above all characters, usually red for your enemies, and targeting is controlled via the mouse as is shooting or casting, movement, as you would expect, is by WASD.


PARAGON is one of the better online games of this genre and I especially like the fact that you can proceed onwards without having to buy, with real cash, your way to success. It has excellent graphics, good sounds and beautifully visualised combat. It has echoes of "Capture the Flag" games but in a more advanced form. Certainly one to try, particularly as it is currently an FTP (Free To Play) game. Look it up online, Google will find it for you easily enough, and then just download and install it. The download is quite quick but the installation is quite slow so I was waiting 30-45 minutes from starting the download to when I could launch and begin playing. A thoroughly entertaining Battle Arena game.








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