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Paladin Card Protection is made by people who have been active in the hobby industry for a combined duration of over half a century. We play games and we make games! That gives us a unique perspective, allowing us to set a new industry standard for sleeve packs!
We know how precious your games are to you! There are many great reasons you should choose Paladin Card Protection - here are just three of the most important ones:
1. Our protectors are extremely durable. With a thickness of 90 microns, our sleeves will prevail in the harshest gaming conditions, while still keeping the combined height of sleeved decks reasonable.
2. Paladin Card Protectors are clear, safe to use (no acid, no PVC), and they come in packs of 55, because we know you will need more than 50 with each packet. Why? Because most standard card decks in the industry are made of 55 or 110 cards.
3. We are gamers ourselves, and we listen to fellow gamers! This means we are once again making sure that YOU get to vote on each stretch goal, effectively choosing every new sleeve size that joins the proud Paladin ranks!
This time around, we are also rolling out more Double Matte sleeves (expanding the list of the most popular sizes) and introducing The Titan – a super-sleeve designed especially for card collectors and trading card game enthusiasts!
Join us then for the 4th time and get your cards the protection they deserve!
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