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The PaizoCon 2015 Event Schedule is live!

Clocking in at over 275 events over 4 days, PaizoCon 2015 looks like it's going to be our biggest and best ever! You'll get the opportunity to participate in exclusive lottery games, seminars, panels, and one-of-a-kind workshops throughout the weekend. We also will be debuting two Pathfinder Society Specials (Seige of the Serpents and Serpents Rise), and kicking off theSeason of the Righteous for the Pathfinder Adventure Card Guild.

PaizoCon attendees can also start entering their preferences for the PaizoCon Event Lottery right now! The lottery this year includes games and workshops with limited seating, as well as the Pathfinder Society specials. It does not include panels, large seminars, or any the regular Pathfinder Society tables. Preference selections can be made until Monday, April 27 at 2:00 PM Pacific time.

The PaizoCon Event Lottery results will be available on Thursday, April 30 at 2:00 PM Pacific time. This is also when Open Registration and Event Trading begins, so you'll be able to register for non-lottery events, or swap seats with other attendees for events you may have gotten in the lottery.

Still confused about this whole "lottery" thing? We have a dedicated thread explaining the lottery process, buddy system, open registration, and event trading just for newcomers!

Haven't picked up a badge yet? Go ahead and grab yourself a 4-Day Badge or a Deluxe 4-Day Badge (which includes a ticket to the PaizoCon Banquet!) and get your selections for events in now! We also have a Kid's 4-Day Badge option for attendees 10 and under, as well as Banquet Tickets that are sold individually.

Interested in discussing PaizoCon with fellow attendees, fans, and staff? Have general questions about how the lottery works? Want to discuss a specific event? Head on over to the PaizoCon forums!

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