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Pathfinder Adventure
 Path #86: Lords of Rust (Iron Gods 2 of 6) (PFRPG)  

We Can Take 'Em—With Science!

New Pathfinder Adventure Path now available!

There's more than hardware on aisle twelve in the latest Pathfinder Adventure Path volume!

Shop smart, adventurer—there's more going on in Numeria than a mere crashed spaceship in the second volume of the Iron Gods Adventure Path, "Lords of Rust"! Penned by Nicolas Logue, this adventure leads you on the trail from Torch to the refuge known as Scrapwall—but unfortunately for your party, Scrapwall is heading to you—and they don't want tea. Bandits, thugs, and magical chainsaw-wielding orc barbarians stand between you and the information you seek—are you ready to fight the Lords of Rust and their mysterious leader?

In addition to the adventure for 4th level characters, "Lords of Rust" also contains details on new items unique to the Iron Gods Adventure Path, such as the envoy's mouthpiece, memory facet, and the mind burner! Jim Groves turns his gaze upon the infamous Technic League, revealing their origins, hierarchy, how to become a member, and its goals in the savage lands of Numeria—and beyond them! The Whisper in Bronze, the goddess of invention known as Brigh, is further detailed by Sean K Reynolds, covering obediences, planar allies, and a new spell: semblance of flesh! Amber Scott continues her Pathfinder Journal tale in "Unearthed Treasures," and finally, four new creatures await for the game master's toolbox: Brigh's herald Latten Mechanism, the rhu-chalik, observer robots (and observer robot swarms), and the terrifying rust-risen (complete with mechanical augmentations)!

Stay tuned for the next volume of the Iron Gods Adventure Path in "The Choking Tower"—but don't miss out on the sneak preview of "Lords of Rust" in the Paizo blog!

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