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New Pathfinder Adventure Path now available!


Keep your thinkin' caps on with the latest Pathfinder Adventure Path!

The second half of the Iron Gods Adventure Path begins with "Valley of the Brain Collectors"! In search of further aid to defeat the dangers rising in Numeria's Silver Mount, the heroes of Iron Godshead to the valley known as the Scar of the Spider to dig deeper into this strange land's past. This valley is far from uninhabited though, and malign influences from beyond the stars have corrupted it into a hostile environment—but even here, allies can be found! For 10th level characters, "Valley of the Brain Collectors"gives PCs a chance to explore this strange region in pursuit of their quest, not to mention uncover the origins of some of the Inner Sea's strangest rumors regarding this land of sorcery and super-science!

In addition to the adventure, Pathfinder Adventure Path #88contains detailed writeups on key NPCs for this adventure (such as the one depicted on the cover) and new treasures such as the staff of the Dark Tapestry and fleshnet cannon! For those that hunger to know more about the dwellers in the night sky, the article on the Dominion of the Black should whet the appetite somewhat—but take care! There's also a list of those scholars that dared study this enigmatic group, and what their current mental state is (hint: it's not good). Alien technology from Eox, Verces, the neh-thalggu, and mi-go get some exposure, such as the Vercite optical turret implant. Amber Scott continues her Pathfinder Journal entry as our protagonist returns home, and finally, new creatures for your game! The reclamation robot, shipmind, and ugothokra, and yah-thelgaad all await in this mind-bending volume of the Pathfinder Adventure Path!

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