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 Setting: Distant Worlds (PFRPG) PDF  

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Getting your gaming material digitally has been a mainstay of Pathfinder since the very beginning with Pathfinder Adventure Path #1, and just about every book offering from Paizo is available convenient digital form for your reading (and transportation) pleasure! But unless you've been with us since the very beginning, getting both the print and digital version can put quite a dent in your pocketbook—that's why we've put hundreds of our PDFs on sale! Through December 7th, you can get 30% off such titles Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Distant Worlds, which takes you to Golarion's solar system (or beyond)! Adventure with the first and classicRise of the Runelords Anniversary Edition, get over 100 Pathfinder Society scenarios for all of your organized play needs, learn about the forces of Hell withBook of the Damned: Princes of Darkness, or catch up with yourPathfinder Tales reading! Newer tomes such as Pathfinder Player Companion: Mythic OriginsFaiths & Philosophies, and Pathfinder Pawns: Reign of Winter are also available—and you know the best part? You can take advantage of this sale as often as you want, and can select from over 600 products on sale through December 7th—and you can even give them as gifts to other members!

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