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OOPS! I nearly miswrote the title as Paizo Porn Nudes but that wouldn't have been half as interesting as the real Paizo Pawn News (below)

From Steaming Sea to Obari Ocean!

New Pathfinder Pawns set now available!

Don't miss out on the right miniature for your next adventure in Golarion with the newest Pathfinder Pawns boxed set!

Even with the hundreds of Pathfinder Pawns now available, certain iconic characters were missing, along with representatives of the most well-known organizations of the Inner Sea. With Pathfinder Pawns: Inner Sea Pawn Box, you'll get over 200 distinct pawns for use in any of your tabletop games! From dozens of Hellknights representing the many orders of that infernal organization, to numerous priests and priestesses of the gods, to white witches, strix, Technic League spellcasters, not to mention our favorite goblin "iconics!" That's right, Chuffy Lickwound, Reta Bigbad, Mogmurch, and Poog are in this set, along with Feiya the Witch, the infamous Pathfinder Society agent Eando Kline, Alain the Cavalier, Quinn the Investigator, and many others! Thrune agents, Shoanti god callers, and Ruthazek the Gorilla King all await to head to your game and finally git that

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