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Q-workshop's Pathfinder Metal Dice Kickstarter ends soon!


The latest collaboration with our partners over at Q-workshop is a step beyond for dice and Pathfinder fans! The Pathfinder Metal Dice Kickstarter, a project to create new 7-dice fully metal sets of Pathfinder dice, is in the final days of funding.

This Pathfinder Metal Dice Set project will be a truly awesome technical achievement in dice production. While Q-workshop has always been at the forefront of making the beautiful dice sets, and has produced in metal, no set has ever been created quite like this. The success of this Kickstarter will enable them to continue to do more unique and exciting projects in the future.

If you follow our Pathfinder Adventure Path line, you may recognize Q-workshop from their line of themed dice sets. Each of these sets has been designed to tie into the visual themes of the Pathfinder Adventure Path campaigns, complete with etched detailing and vibrant colors.

In the last few weeks, Q-workshop has met four of their five stretch goals (the linen dice bag, the copper dice pledge level, plastic goblin d20, and playmat), unlocked a number of exciting add-ons—including individual sets of d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, and d20 dice!

We're also so excited to announce to show off the latest video from Q-workshop that shows off the latest versions of the (almost) finished dice. Take a look at their progress!

You can find all of Q-workshop's current Pathfinder dice here!   

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