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And I Shall Call Him...

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New Pathfinder Minimates available!

Our selection of Pathfinder MiniMates from Diamond Select Toys just got better with a new release!

Everybody needs a little buddy, and there's a party of four waiting to grace your gaming table and office with Pathfinder Minimates! This first set has three of our popular Pathfinder iconics: Harsk the Dwarven Ranger, Merisiel the Elven Rogue, and Valeros the Human Fighter! In addition, there's also the Goblin Warrior, a creature that's been tagging along ever since the very first release of "Burnt Offerings"! Whether they're crossing swords with the Goblin Warrior (or acquired a new cohort) is up to you and your imagination, and they'll get to join the rest of our other Pathfinder MiniMates, including such noteworthy characters like Ostog the Unslain or a Lamia Matriarch!

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From Steaming Sea to Obari Ocean!

New Pathfinder Pawns set now available!

Don't miss out on the right miniature for your next adventure in Golarion with the newest Pathfinder Pawns boxed set!

Even with the hundreds of Pathfinder Pawns now available, certain iconic characters were missing, along with representatives of the most well-known organizations of the Inner Sea. With Pathfinder Pawns: Inner Sea Pawn Box, you'll get over 200 distinct pawns for use in any of your tabletop games! From dozens of Hellknights representing the many orders of that infernal organization, to numerous priests and priestesses of the gods, to white witches, strix, Technic League spellcasters, not to mention our favorite goblin "iconics!" That's right, Chuffy Lickwound, Reta Bigbad, Mogmurch, and Poog are in this set, along with Feiya the Witch, the infamous Pathfinder Society agent Eando Kline, Alain the Cavalier, Quinn the Investigator, and many others! Thrune agents, Shoanti god callers, and Ruthazek the Gorilla King all await to head to your game and finally git that

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Let Me Tell You of the Days of High Adventure!

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New Pathfinder RPG campaign setting from Sasquatch Game Studios!

Harsh and beautiful lands await with Sasquatch Game Studios!

Harsh lands live by harsher rules, and in Primeval Thule, the eponymous land of Thule, humankind is only beginning to grasp the power that lies before them! Monsters haunt the land, held back by the few cities that encroach upon the wilderness—cities that can be even deadlier than the elder things lurking in the darkness! Haunted glaciers, retreating elves, Atlantean nobles, and mi-go hunting grounds are just a few things covered in the gazetteer, but you'll also get thematic Pathfinder Roleplaying Game mechanics as well as three ready to play adventures that throw you into the world of Thule! Crafted by industry veterans Rich Baker, David Noonan, and Stephen Schubert, with art from luminaries such as Todd Lockwood, maps from Christopher WestPrimeval Thule is heavily influenced by Robert E. Howard, H.P. Lovecraft, and Edgar Rice Burroughs, and will have you daring to win a crown to set upon your hero's troubled brow!

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Do You Expect Me to Talk?

List Price: $55.00

Our Price: $49.50


New board game from Passport Game Studios!

It's not how you play the game—it's how the game plays you with the latest board game from Passport Game Studios!

Better hope your tradecraft is up to par with [redacted]! In this new board game of bluffing, betrayal, and intrigue, infiltrating an embassy is going to be the easy part. Getting out with the stolen files is going to be a lot rougher, as you'll meet up with other players—who may or may not be on your side! A double-blind mechanism keeps the tension high, and you can gather weapons, turn off the lights, or hack computers to give yourself the edge. A bit of Bond, Tinker Tailor Soldier SpyMission Impossible, and Archer, with game mechanics inspired from one of my favorite party game[redacted] will have you donning your favorite black tactileneck and heading towards the helicopter to escape with the intel in hand!

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If It Keeps On Rainin'...

New Pathfinder Flip-Mat now available!

Keeping your gear dry is going to be just one of the many challenges your PCs will face with the latest Pathfinder Flip-Mat!

You'll have to keep your head above water with Pathfinder Flip-Mat: Flooded Dungeon! This double-sided 24 by 30 inch battle map conveniently folds up to fit into your game bag, and features numerous features that will have your Game Mastering heart all a-flutter with possibilities! Populate the flooded catacombs with ghasts that lurk in the murk, a swarm of pirahnas waiting to nibble at the mage's toes, or nasty traps left behind by the dungeon's original builders! Pathfinder Maps subscribers receive a free digital edition of the maps when their Flip-Mat or Map Pack ships, and is perfect for the virtual table top of your choice!

And if you want to customize your map even further, you'll be able to use wet and dry erase markers to add your own elements to the field!


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You Can Finally Fight the Hurricane!

New Adventure Quarterly issue now available!

The latest Adventure Quarterly is here from Rite Publishing!

Adventure Quarterly #6 is here, and within its 68 pages, you'll receive three new Pathfinder Roleplaying Game adventures! "The Fungarium" by RPG Superstar 2012 winner Mike Welham delves deeper into the Ruins Perilous, an area that first began exploration in Adventure Quarterly #3. This adventure for 4th level characters may have your character swearing off mushrooms for a while, as they'll face an array of fungal creatures benign and bizarre!

In addition, Bret Boyd has a mission for 9th level characters in "Fire & Ice" that's pretty straightforward: destroy an artifact. But the last group to attempt such a thing ended in a bad way, destroyed by a nemesis that wants to keep the artifact very much intact. It's a race to the finish line on an island where the Plane of Fire touches the mortal realms!

Finally, 14th level characters will face the fight of a lifetime with Alex Putnam's "In Iron Clad!" The badlands around the city of Erkandas hold many tales, and the legend of the Iron Knight is just one of them. The PCs will have to take up the mantle of the Knight in order to finally put to rest an ancient evil—permanently!

Adventure Quarterly #6 finishes out with two drop-in encounters from Creighton Broadhurst, and an article from Steven Russell on sandbox campaigns!

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"What Does That Mean? Infamous?"

Our Price: $19.99

New Pathfinder Adventure Card Game deck now available!

Treachery on the high seas? Say it ain't so with the latest Pathfinder Adventure Card Game deck!

What's better than being famous? Why being infamous, of course, and in Pathfinder Adventure Card Game: "The Price of Infamy", your scurrilous scallywag of the Shackles gets a chance to really show your stuff—because now it's personal. All of the Shackles are under threat of invasion, and you'll have to rally allies to defend your mutual home! This 110-card expansion to Pathfinder Adventure Card Game: Skull & Shackles continues the adventure with new scenarios, locations, monsters, villains, and, of course, new loot for your pirate to bedeck themselves in! Don't miss a single release with the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game subscription, and remember that subscribing will give you discounts on Adventure Card Game accessories, as well as exclusive promotional cards, like this month's Mistmourn or Blessing of Zogmugot!

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We Shall Build a Tower That Will Reach to the Stars!

Our Price: $9.99

New miniatures from Bombshell!

Six new miniatures await for your tabletop game from Bombshell Miniatures!

A marvel of engineering, M4R1A stands ready to either assist or conquer in any game! At 30mm high, she's perfect for any Pathfinder Roleplaying Game (such as Iron Gods) or any tabletop game using a 1 inch to 5 feet scale. In addition to the technological triumph of yesteryear, Pumpkin Pal is a perfect leshy for Autumn the Scarecrone, while Kaitlin Archer is ready to raise some insurrection in the nearest dystopian future. Finally, Slynx the Cat andWarfare Wombat rounds out a new sidekicks for your game!

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Adventures in the Sands, Songs to Sing, and Treasure to Find!

Our Price: $4.99

New third-party Pathfinder Roleplaying Game releases!

A new year and a fresh new batch of Pathfinder Roleplaying Game supplements from third-party publishers await!

Starting off our round-up is "Quests of the Sands" from Jon Brazer Enterprises, seeking to give you new adventures for any desert-based game (and definitely great for your Mummy's Mask campaign)! This PDF contains not one, but six short adventures designed to be played in one session, each featuring new monsters, traps, haunts, and also has full-color maps of each location!

Along with new adventure material, Everyman Gaming has new Swashbuckler archetypes like the daredevil or vainglory, Interjection Games provides a musical interlude with Ultimate Composition, while Krewe of Harpocratesprovides a place where everybody knows your name in Tavern! Enter the world of Abaddon with Obsidian Apocalypse: Player's Guide from Louis Porter Jr. Design, or learn about the Assassins of Porphyra from Purple Duck Games, or add another demon cult to your game with Doomspeakers from Kobold Press!

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Say Hello to My Little Friend!

New Pathfinder Player Companion now available!

The latest Pathfinder Player Companion is here, and now you'll be able to bring along a little buddy on every adventure!

More than just convenient blackmail material for a game master, familiars can often help define a spellcasting character—but with Pathfinder Player Companion: Familiar Folio you'll get new options to really make your friend shine! Learn about the favored familiars from organizations such as the Arclords (archaeopteryxes and tuataras) or Riftwardens (cats, dogs, or rabbits)! New archetypes like the fighter's eldritch guardian or bard's duettist give these classes a chance to gain a familiar of their own, druids get the leshy warden archetype, and witches can meld with their familiars in the synergist archetype! Even familiars get their own archetypes, with the decoy, mascot, mauler, or sage archetypes, gaining access to skills, abilities that allow your familiar to soak damage dealt to you—or even spout off knowledge that you may have forgotten. Feats like Familiar Bond let any class gain a familiar, while Telepathic Link lets you communicate farther away, while magic items such as featherleaf barding give your feathered friend a little bit more protection and spells like transfer familiar offer more flexible options to your adventurer! (And oh yes, there are more familiars to be had in this book: cat sith, chickens, leopard slugs, and peacocks to name just a few!)

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The Savage Lands of Sorcery and Super-Science!

New Pathfinder Campaign Setting release now available!

Time to face the future with the latest Pathfinder Campaign Setting release!

Numeria is a strange land, littered with the ruin of stranger technology that scholars have yet to determine the purpose of—and is the land of the Iron Gods Adventure Path. With the Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Iron Gods Poster Map Folio, you'll get not one, but three poster-sized maps for this campaign, or any campaign set in Numeria! Included in the folio are two city maps: the starting town of Torch, and the capital of Starfall. Both are visited as part of the Adventure Path, but also included is a player-friendly map, done in a pen-and-ink style that could very easily stand in as a player handout of the region in your Iron Gods campaign!

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