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Second Wind—October Non-Mint Sale on Now!

Hundreds of non-mint products on sale!

Looking to stock up on gaming supplies before bundling up for a long and chilly season? Check out the array of products we've added to our Non-Mint October sale!

Not every product that arrives at our warehouse makes the trip safely and occasionally our cave raptors get hungry. We've sifted through the boxes of bent, bumped, dented, and squished products and found some prime picks at 50% off that can still find a home at any gaming table! Choose from our finds for the Pathfinder Adventure Card GamePathfinder Roleplaying Game (including Adventure PathCampaign Setting,Player Companion, and Modules).

Throughout the month of October, all Paizo products in our Non-Mint October sale is 50% off the original retail price! These "lightly loved" products are perfectly usable and available at a fraction of the cost. The Non-Mint October sale runs untilNovember 1st, so don't hesitate—once these non-mint products are gone, they're gone!

Check out all of the products in our Non-Mint October sale, as well as all the other on-sale items we have on!


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