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That's Some Bad Hat Harry!   

Embroidered Goblin Messenger Bag

New Goblin Embroidered Bags and Hats from OffWorld Designs!    


Our good friends from OffWorld Designs never stop creating great Geek products and these new goblin embroidered bags and hats they’ve made for us just take the cake!

Throw your books in this bag and sling it over your shoulder. Great for conventions, whether it's sci-fi, gaming, comics, or anime, this bag will fit all your con-going survival gear! The enormous main compartment is big enough for a 15-inch laptop and the inside zipper pouch and four outside pockets can carry all your dice and gear. Equipped with durable brass hardware and an adjustable shoulder strap, this could be your last gaming bag! And now emblazoned with our iconic Pathfinder goblin face, there’s no mistaking our fans in a crowd.

Already have a gaming bag but need a great new hat? Well look no further! These durable hats are embroidered with the same great iconic Pathfinder goblin face as the bags. Fully adjustable, these hats are perfect for a day at the con or the ball field alike. Show your Pathfinder pride with one of these new hats or a bags (or both)!

Take a look at the rest of what OffWorld Designs has to offer here!



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