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Adventure is Out There, And a Sound One it Will Be!

Syrinscape SoundPacks and SoundSets now available from!

If you went to PaizoCon 2015, you may have heard or seen some of our attendees demoing the Syrinscape player, or even recording their own screams, shouts, and best goblin voices at the Syrinscape booth. Response from attendees at the show was great, and we received many inquires about when would have Syrinscape products available. Today are pleased to announce that you can now purchase Syrinscape SoundSets and SoundPacks through!

Among Syrinscape's sound offerings are the Rise of the Runelords SoundPacks. Each SoundPack correlates the Adventure Path volumes to help bring your campaign to life! Also available is the Rise of the Runelords Mega SoundPack, which includes all of the Rise of the Runelords SoundPacks, giving you full access to the whole Adventure Path's series of sounds such as: crashes and smashes, dragons, goblins, hissing factories, ogres, vermin filled dungeons, and more!

Need just the right ambiance for your homebrew fantasy campaign? Or maybe your group is lost in the far reaches or space? Syrinscape's Fantasy and Sci-Fi players allow Game Masters to set the tone, literally! Each SoundSet includes a variety of themed music elements and sounds that can be mixed and matched to suit your game. The SoundPacks and SoundSets utilize the free Syrinscape Fantasy or Sci-Fi Players, available for PC, Mac, Android tablets and iPads. This revolutionary sound design app makes it easy to reference sounds on the fly!

Can't get enough sounds? Syrinscape also offers subscriptions for Adventure Path SoundPacks and Sci-Fi SoundSets, as well as a combined SuperSyrin Subscription.

Be sure to check out all of Syrinscape SoundSets here!

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