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Burning Down the House!

New Pathfinder Battles promo mini releases!

In Dungeons Deep, our most recentPathfinder Battles pre-painted miniatures release, we had the opportunity to introduce you to dungeon dressing, an all new type of miniature for Pathfinder Battles. The dungeon dressing minis are specifically designed to be useful set dressing and story hooks for GMs to add additional visual elements to their games. But these proved more popular than we anticipated, and we've busted open a few more cases to provide more of these singles to you! They're currently limited to one per customer, so grab them while you can!

Is it a Chest? Is it a Mimic? Only the GM knows! Snatch one of each and have some fun with your players. Pick up the Bubbling Cauldron for your witch's lair or your adventuring camp. Throw some Burning Braziers in your wizard’s workshop or add in an Iron Maiden (with working doors) and outfit your castle dungeon. Grab a Sarcophagus for your mummy’s tomb or museum fight!

ecause we hoped you all would like these minis as much as we did, we planned into the production of this set a repaint for the Burning Brazier and we’re releasing it to you now! These are limited but we have loads so feel free to purchase as many as you like.

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