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Auntie Lisa and The Great Golem of Savings!

Grab awesome gaming products at a discount!

It's so easy to accumulate too much stuff! I look around my home and am overwhelmed by how much great stuff I've accumulated and frankly a bit intimidated about trying to sort through it and clear stuff out. Companies are a lot like people in that regard—they accumulate warehouses full of stuff and pretty soon, you start to run out of room! But, unlike my personal excess stuff crisis, the overflow in the Paizo warehouse translates into great deals on I'm happy to announce our newGolem Clearance section!

What's in The Golem Clearance? Pretty much anything that we've had in our warehouse for a long time that could make room for new and exciting products. Over the years we've had changes in editions, format, or packaging and these older products have piled up. There are copies of Pathfinder Adventure Path volumes going through Skull & Shackles, Pathfinder ModulesMap Packs, single issues of Pathfinder Comics, and much more!

In addition to the Paizo products we've put on clearance, there's a bounty of other gaming products. From RPGs to board games, miniatures to fiction, everything in The Golem Clearance is priced to move now! New products may be added as we sift through the stock in our warehouse, so check back often!

Check out all the products in The Golem Clearance on!

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