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Painkiller Hell & Damnation is one of my favourite games of recent times for unwinding and losing any tension build-up
from the day on the PC. On the PS3 with better control facilities - using a game controller is much easier than using mouse
and keys in co-ordination - the game runs even smoother and thus more tension relieving.

As with the PC game the PS3 version continues to use the fantastic Unreal Engine 3 but ensuring even better speed and
fluidity of the fast-moving, all-combat action. I did not play the 2 versions side by side so I cannot give a blow by blow
screen by screen comparison so suffice it to say I enjoy both versions, especially the change of weapons from distance to
close in combat. Like many of these games you have to keep moving and turning otherwise you get hit from behind and
sometimes from below - you need 360 degree vision at all times. This keeps you on edge, on your toes and helps make you
forget everything going on in your life except what is on the screen in front of you for a while - tension relief rules !


Following the release of the PC version of the game I read some disparaging reviews online where the reviewers said this
game is out of date. I am not sure what they want from a game that itself admits as having very little in the way of a story,
Daniel has to collect 7000 souls to get his beloved back from Hell and of course there is a twist when you discover who the
7000th soul belongs to - heck this plot is so thin it could be written on rice paper, but there have been at least 2 television
series made with the same or very similar synopsis so it isn't new to begin with but it is a lot different playing through it
rather than just watching it unfold weekly on television.

So my opinion is that this is a game that is short on story and long on action. If you play PS3 games to watch a story then
this isn't the game for you. If on the other hand like most players who own PS3s you play for the fun and the action then
there is no reason why you should not enjoy Painkiller Hell & Damnation - in any format.





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