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Pegasus Spiele extended PAGODA with its 2- player series a tactical duel between the master builder.

In Pagoda , the current 2-player highlight of Pegasus games, the players want to win the reputation of the Chinese emperor . Therefore, they set up in his honor on the board three-dimensional towers of wooden pillars and floor - tiles. But only those who has the tactical cleverness and a bit of luck on his side, will triumph at Pagoda considered the most " impostor " .

His opponent is to keep in mind the top priority in Pagoda . Because even though the players compete in their role as a builder , you simultaneously work on the same structures . And only those who drives their expansion quickly , has a chance to impress the Chinese emperor . Pagoda continues the tradition of the two - player series of Pegasus games to combine atmospheric density with tactical depth .

The 2013 winner of the special prize of the competition Pagoda Hippodice author of author Arve D. sensors involved two players eight years in an immersive , architectural duel for 30-45 minutes. Pagoda expanded this spring - together with Fungi - the ever-growing two - player series of Pegasus Games . RRP € 24.95


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