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Friedberg, 21 October 2013 - "Packet Row" by Henrik Berg ("Rats") is simply a brilliant family board game set in 19th Century New York Harbor. It is now re-published in German by Pegasus Games. Beautifully illustrated by Michael Menzel (Graf Ludo, Kenner game of the year) it says in "Packet Row" collect goods, book ships, collect the necessary cash at the bank, grab orders and do a profit. If then a scheming Harbour Master is purely drove werkt exciting! Fortunately hatch with "Packet Row", the players take turns alternately to the harbor master costume.  You can see the GAME '13 in Essen (24-27.10.2013) at the booth of Pegasus Games in hall 3 (stand-M110 3).

On the docks at the South Street New York is bustling with activity. Many post ships wait for passengers and cargo, which is why this area as, packet Row '(German: road package) was known. Here is one owner of a trading company and tries to make as much profit with the transatlantic trade. But it is not enough to have a lot of money. You have to be spending money at the right time for the good of the city, to win this game. Sometimes a seemingly small pinch is enough to wrest a known scheme entirely new stimuli. Exactly how it works "Packet Row" Where many games rely on complex production chains, going to the New York Post from the ramp package. Although you have to watch even with "Packet Row" to get the right combinations. But that is not overly complex here. Therefore, "Packet Row" is ideally suited as a family game, but also for players who like to put on a bluff.

Packet Row

Number of Players: 2-5 people

Playing time: 45 + minutes

Age: From 10 years

Contents: 4 fixtures, 1 Harbour Master platelets, 38, Guildhall cards, 42 Dock cards, 42 market-cards, 38 bank cards, 12 launch contract cards, 5 player cards, 1 overview map, 5 different colored game pieces, 70 coins.

Price: 34,95 €

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