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The train's engine is fired up and it's time to get on board! You're invited on a grand journey to connect the east with the west. All Aboard!

With this stretch goal we unlock a new variation to the game called: End Game Goals. During the game's setup, you shuffle all the End Game Goals punchboard tokens (face down) and reveal a number of them based on the number of players.

You place those End Game Goals on the game board. The rest of the goals go back into the box.

Each End Game Goal can be acquired by only one player at the end of the game, awarding that player 5 extra Victory Points. To get one of those End Game Goals you need to accomplish certain tasks/milestones. Only one player can receive each goal. If more than one player completes the tasks required for a certain goal, nobody gets it.

With this Stretch Goal unlocked, we add two new goals to the game:

As the journey continues we will be adding more End Game Goals to the game.

Thank you everyone for your support, let's make this railroad adventure the best ever!



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