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PLUNDER from  R & R GAMES        2-6 Players        Aged 10+         30+ mins         Game Design: Jonathan Franklin


Despite the large box, PLUNDER is basically a card game. The box's size is to maintain the dry-erase Solution Grids - plastic player boards on which the players make notes using a dry
erase marker; markers are in the box; remember to replace the lid on the pens when you use them otherwise they will dry out quite quickly.

There are elements of CLUEDO and HAPPY FAMILIES in PLUNDER in as much as each Player is trying to discover the "treasure" of the other players by means of elimination. Each player
holds a secret hand of Trap, Marker and Island cards - the illustrations on these cards are represented in the Clue card decks.


The three CLUE card decks are shuffled separately and position in a row. A first player is chosen and they turn over the top three cards, one from each deck, making a face-up row under the decks.
This player can also turn over an extra card if they wish to try to change one of the face-up cards.

Once the face-up row is fixed each player, except the first, says Aye or Nay meaning that in their 3 secret cards they either have one or more of the face-up cards. Aye means they have, Nay means
they haven't. If one or more of the face-up cards is in their secret hand they only say Aye the do not say which card or cards they hold - this is important.


Using their dry-erase markers on their personal boards each player, including the first player, notes what every other player says, marking the answers under the number and pictograms on the boards.
Eventually it will become obvious what one or more of the other players are holding. This deduction is marked on one of their 6 Crew Solution cards. As you fill in each Crew Solution card you pop it
into the Treasure Chest, answer side down. At the game end flip the Treasure Chest over and read the deductions out in the order they were put into the Chest.

Correct guess score points on a sliding scale, depending on where they are placed in the Chest. This means that two or more players can make the same deduction and score points for doing so, just that
the first player to put their answer in the Chest scores more than the next etc; as players score points so other players lose them - it's a double-edged cutlass.

PLUNDER is a fun family game with good mechanics. It is easy on the eye and the brain. The illustrations are single colour line art. The rules are short and sharp.

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