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Pathfinder Adventure
 Path #81: Shifting Sands (Mummy’s Mask 3 of 6) (PFRPG)  

Gone, But Never Forgotten!

New Pathfinder Adventure Path now available!

The deserts beckon once more with the latest volume of the Mummy's Mask Adventure Path for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game!

Knowledge is power, and your character must learn to wield it with Pathfinder Adventure Path #81: "Shifting Sands!" Heading towards the city of Tephu, PCs must bargain to gain entry into its formidable Great Library to seek the truth of the Forgotten Pharaoh. There is a reason that this once-king of Osirion has been purged from history, however, and there are those who wish that he remains a mere footnote in history, as are those that wish to bring about his return! Both will be obstacles in seeking the truth, and your characters may end up favoring the considerable threats of the desert sun and sands over entreaties to enter Tephu's library (legally)!

In addition to the "Shifting Sands" adventure, you'll receive background information on several key NPCs, such as Deka An-Keret, governor of Tephu, or the personal representative of the Ruby Prince, Her Excellency Muminofrah! Treasures like the locust cuirass and swarmbow await to be found, as are the many secrets of Tephu in the included gazetteer. Of course, with an adventure path dealing with mummies, you'll want more information on how they came about, and the "Rituals of Mummification" article provides just that. Amber E. Scott continues her tale with "Trouble in Tephu" with the Pathfinder Journal, and game masters aren't going to want to miss the sidebars with additional info on NPCs, handouts, and nasty creatures like giant scorpions. Finally, new giant desert vermin, mummified animals (and a template to make your own), the serpopard, shalkeshka, and thriae dancer are all new creatures to add to your game master's arsenal!

Check out the rest of the Mummy's Mask Adventure Path, and don't miss out on the supplemental material in Osirion, Legacy of Pharaohs and People of the Sands!

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Pathfinder Adventure Path #81: Shifting Sands (Mummy’s Mask
 3 of 6) (PFRPG)
Best Seller:
Pathfinder Adventure Path #81: Shifting Sands (Mummy’s Mask 3 of 6) (PFRPG)

Chapter 3: Shifting Sands ... By Richard Pett ... To learn more about the ancient Pharaoh Hakotep I and the secretive cult that wants to revive him, the heroes travel to the city of Tephu to explore the vast archives in its Great Library. This is no small task, as they must contend with those who wish such knowledge to remain forgotten. With the clues they discover, the heroes venture deep into Osirion’s uncharted deserts in search of the tomb of Hakotep’s master pyramid-builder. There they... [more]

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