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OVERRULED is a crazy madcap 2D platform game featuring some really weird and wonderful characters. It is playable by a solo player accepting the challenges - Indies Torments being the first series of tests, or it has a multiplayer option.

OVERRULED is available through the STEAM media where it downloads and installs quickly and effortlessly and is ready to play quicker than many other Steam media games.

OVERRULED comes from TEAM 17, the nutters who first inflicted WORMS onto us, and who have partnered for this with DLALA Studios. This latest game is  just as daft, just as challenging and just as much fun as any can of Worms.

Each mission is different but with similarities. You have to run and jump and collect coins, bags, all manner of things, all the while scoring points. The higher the total points you have when the timer expires, the better Victory Cup you will be awarded; there is a minimum requirement of points for each Cup, which means you might not gain enough points to even warrant a Victory Cup; Bronze, Silver of Gold cups being available.


The controls are a little awkward, at least for a non-dextrous old lump like me. WASD for movement is fine as is [Space] for jumping and [Space][Space] for double-jumping, which you need, coupled with one of WASD to jump high and in the necessary direction. S and [Space] allows you to fall down through the ladders and W and [Space] lets you climb back up the ladders, and JKLU play special cards that give you powerful abilities - rocket science, see ? 

See ? actually if you do want to see just head on over to the TEAM 17 website [HERE] and check it out, along with the other older and forthcoming products from this effervescent studio team. You can also keep in touch with TEAM 17 on Facebook and Twitter. What can be a mite confusing is that some of the keys have double uses on different screens, such as [Space] for "continue".


OVERRULED is an action brawler where Multi-Players get to change the rules and the way the game is shaped so that every game is different. The rules are made to be broken and breaking them is half the fun of playing OVERRULED. I have to admit that I am getting a little tired of the need that publishers seem to have for making retro-graphic-style platform games, but then just as I feel I cannot play another of these games one comes along like this and I get hooked again. Looking at the characters lined up in their boxes makes me pretty sure that at some time in the near future we are going to see these on game shop shelves as actual figurines; if TEAM 17 don't merchandise them, then they really should. Many games have figures associated with them that are nowhere near as interesting or fun/weird looking as these guys, I honestly believe they would be a hit at Christmas. If you are a fan of amusing but fast action games then OVERRULED is one you should seriously consider - at least get yourself over to the website and watch the trailer or better still find a GAME store that has it on playable demo mode and give it a whirl.

You can buy OVERRULED [HERE] at a decent price (£5.99) and at a better price for a multi-player 4 pack (£17.99).

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