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Mafia MMORPG 'Omerta' Launches Version 4.8 Following Game-Changing War
Unprecedented war sees Serbian gangsters take surprise control of the long-standing MMO's as new version launches

Hull, UK - Omerta Game Ltd, a leading independent online games developer and publisher, is today excited to announce the launch of Version 4.8 of perennially popular free-to-play browser-based Mafia MMORPG, Omerta.

Created in 2003 by a solo indie developer coding in his bedroom in Groningen, The Netherlands, Omerta's remarkable growth, consistency and pioneering stance on the free-to-play business model mean it can rightfully claim to be the 'Godfather of all Mafia games'. Today, Omerta has established itself as one of the most iconic faces of browser-based gaming and the go-to destination for budding Mafiosi, boasting more than 4.8 million unique registrations and tens of thousands of active daily users.

Available now, the latest round of the international version of Omerta marks a new beginning for the MMORPG.

Version 4.8 comes after an unprecedented, game-changing war that saw a faction of meticulously organised Serbian families – lead by the fearless Kurosawa family – take surprise control of Omerta's 1930's-inspired mafia streets. The shake up is so severe that, for the first time in years, many of Omerta's longest-established factions and most dedicated players have been left reeling on the sidelines.

Anything could happen now.

Taking Over The Mean Streets of Omerta

The Kurosawa family's frightening rise to dominance in Version 4.7 surprised and shook Omerta's mafia hierarchy to the core. Nobody saw it coming; not the developers, not the crew, and certainly not the opposing families taking comfort in their routines.

When new rounds launch, Omerta often settles into a familiar groove of powerful families reclaiming their territory – something nobody dares to oppose. However, Version 4.7 was different. A daring early war was instead organised by a collective of Serbian families through Omerta's secretive IRC channels. The aim: upset the established order and stake a claim for Omerta's streets.

To everyone's surprise - It worked!

The unexpected shoot-out sent Tommy Gun bullets flying across 26 of Omerta's 27 mafia families, blind-siding the Godfather's of major families so severely that all they could do was congratulate the effort. Over 3000 players died in the surprise attacks and a total of 6 families were wiped out, 3 from either side – a huge upset considering their comparative numbers and influence.

A counter attack was soon launched by Omerta's established mafia families but it was futile, making only a small dent in the Serbian mafia's plans. Kurosawa and its extended family were so well prepared that they swatted away the attack, put on their thinking trilby's and, weeks later, launched a successful final attack of their own to take full control of Omerta.

As Version 4.7 closed, Omerta's biggest shake up in years was completed. Now, Version 4.8 is truly a new beginning for the MMORPG.

The Never-Ending Mafioso Story

Steve Biddick, Omerta Game Ltd CEO, commented on the unexpected takeover of Omerta's international version: "The Serbian players completely killed it, mafioso style. The organisation and execution was incredible!"

"It's always exciting to see Omerta throw up these surprises, even after 11 years – it means we're doing something right! We thought we'd seen it all by now but nobody anticipated the strategies used by the Kurosawa family. Don Corleone himself would be proud"

An anonymous Kurosawa top said on their stunning victory, "Power breeds confidence, and confidence leads to a routine - we wanted to shake it up and take power for ourselves!"

"We knew the leading Omerta families would begin version 4.7 in the same the way they always do, but we were ready to launch an early war and catch them off guard. Nothing beats the smell of a freshly fired Tommy Gun in the morning"

What's next for Omerta's competitive mafia world? Sign up for free today and find out!

Omerta is 100% free-to-play, only requires a modest PC with an internet connection, and is currently available in 29 different languages.

Interested players can register for the International version or choose to play a regional version of Omerta here:

Players can also register and login using their Facebook details:

A popular quick-ranking Deathmatch version of Omerta is also available for those who like their Mafia gaming fast-paced and action packed:

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