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Om Nom Nom

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Om Nom Nom is a Dice rolling/Card game about predator and prey, the circle of life if you will.
During the game you roll dice, representing the prey/food of the Predator or Hunter cards that each player has.
Gameplay is broken down into 4 phases, and is played over a total of 3 rounds, with the winner being the player who has scored the most points over those 3 rounds. The phase of a round are as follows; Roll - one player rolls all the prey dice, and places them on the relevent fields on the game boards, Carrots on the farmers field, Flies on the pond and Cheese in the pantry.
Play - during this phase, players each select a card from their hand, Wolf, Rabbit, Hedgehog, Frog, Cat or Mouse, here is where the fun begins, looking on each board you can see the food chain for each set of predators and their prey. If you play one of the lower predator cards, Rabbit, Frog or Mouse and no-one played a predator above you, you get a share of the food at the bottom of the chain. However, if another player did play a card form the top predators on your board, you will be eaten. This process is repeated six times, once for each card in your hand. Score - Each card or dice eaten this way is worth one point towards your final score, and finally Cleanup - you collect in all six of your cards, and start again for a new turn.
The first time we played Om Nom Nom, it was a fun, friendly, family game. It didnt take long for my group to turn this family fun into outright war, Poker faces, little stories told along with the play of a card became common-place, and it became a matter of honour when one player laid a wolf, and ate another players rabbit, i believe this act led to the questioning of ones parentage.
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