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As you all know, Zoch Zum Spielen are a brilliant games company when it comes to regularly publishing children’s games that have hidden tactics that make them ideal for adults.

When we played Carmen Kleinert’s “Da ist Der Wurm Drin” which is about rolling dice and adding worm parts to worm heads, we found it wanting. Our children weren’t impressed and neither were we. 

So when I found that STREIFEN TONI (literal translation Toni Strips) was about worms and that it was designed by Carmen Kleinert I was  naturally a little concerned. I do not prejudge but one often does find games from the same designer have similar mechanics.
Anyway, with open minds we sat down to play Streifen Toni and then we played it again  and again.

The players each select a worm head which they lay face up in a row. The rest of the deck are shuffled and placed face down away but in reach. Six cards are taken from the deck and placed face down in a row behind the worm heads.

Players are dealt a hand of 3 cards each. On their turn they exchange a card from their hand for a card from the face down row, they then place the card they took face up below their worm. They continue to do this until all the cards have been played out then the player with the longest worm (did I really just say that ?) wins.

It sounds too simple, but it’s actually a lot of fun. Oh yes, the kids like it as well.





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