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Wisdom Save Media Announces Launch of Tabletop Role Playing Game (RPG) - The Noticeboard

The project has been launched on Kickstarter with a target of £8K

Tabletop gaming company, Wisdom Save Media, has announced its latest campaign "The Noticeboard" on Kickstarter, with target funding of £8K to be achieved by 10th January 2019. The project follows the successful launch of the Pocket Companion: A Tavern Guide, which raised £13,673, was 341% funded and began shipping two months before the target date.

The Noticeboard is a board game for 2-4 players (or groups), that is designed as a tool for downtime, backstory generation and quest hooks for other d20 RPG systems like Dungeons & Dragons and Pathfinder, in addition to being a standalone game. By creating a game that supports players, DMs and GMs, it allows players of all ages and levels of experience to interact with d20 RPG systems while developing storytelling and improvisation skills.

The game includes:

Marshall Harvey, Co-Founder at Wisdom Save Media, said: “We’re really excited to introduce our latest product, The Noticeboard. Following the successful project earlier in the year with The Pocket Companion: A Tavern Guide, we wanted to introduce another product that allowed people of all experience levels to get involved in Tabletop gaming. We also wanted to create something that allowed players to build their confidence in storytelling, which can seem quite daunting for players that are not used to DM’ing.”

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