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Rifts Dimension Book 11: Dyval Hell Unleashed

Dyval is a dimension of Hell that is completely unique and different from Hades. The Deevil Host, evil monsters and minions, Deevil society, monstrous War Steeds, magic, adventure settings and more make this another welcomed addition to the Palladium Megaverse. Moreover, it advances the Minion War and offers endless hours of potential adventure. Suitable for use with The Palladium Fantasy RPG, HU2, Nightbane, BTS-2, Phase World and Rifts.


DYVAL is a Realm made up from a series of dimensional layers, much like the Planes of Hell make up Hades. In many ways it is another Hell or Hades, but better; so much so that the demons of Hades are jealous of the deevils of Dyval and thus have started a war between them. Thus RIFTS players get a new Rift Dimension (or Dimensions) to explore that is filled with demonic beings with demonic powers and abilities, plus they get to be as involved as their GM wishes in the war.

This volume, Dimension Book 11, links perfectly with Dimension Book 10: Hades (Demon Hell) as well as Dimension book 12 Dimensional Outbreak. All of these can also be used as crossover sourcebooks for Heroes Unlimited, Phase World, and the Palladium Fantasy World with minor adjustments (by that ever present enterprising/imaginative GM) as necessary.

Rifts Dimension Book 12: Dimensional Outbreak

This Minion War book is brimming with amazing source material, ideas, new demons, new Deevils, new magic spells, new spaceships, more about Phase World and Center, and the escalating War. A companion to Hades and Dyval as war spills into Phase World, the city of Center and the Three Galaxies.


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