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(second edition - same story but with slightly larger text and different cover pic) by Chris Baylis

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I wrote this story because like most people I always wanted to write a book and I finally took the time to sit down (for months) and let my imagination flow. I have written several adventures for role-playing games and competitions but I was quite surprised where this story went, it sort of took off on its own, but at every step I could visually see what I was writing, just as if I was watching it unfold in front of me. I aimed it at readers aged 16 to adult who enjoy the books that are found in the young adult section but find them often leaning just a little too much to the young and not enough to the adult. It is set in the now of a fantasy story, not the real present of today.

I like to think of it in terms of being like a Saturday Morning Cinema movie where the 16th Century and 21st Century meet head-on, but where the characters act like real people and not like, well not like characters. It is about good friends and their dog, a renovated USS PF 103 Class Frigate, secret weapons tests, an assassin, an attempt on the life of the President of the USA, pirates in the Caribbean, beautiful women, swashbuckling heroes, blow by blow epic battles, a little love with vast amounts of full-on action throughout.

The plot is outrageous but fun: a modern ship and crew go back in time to save a village from an evil Pirate, is totally unbelievable, but wouldn't it be great if it could happen ? You are asked to suspend belief and allow your imagination to run riot. If you can do that you will find it hard to put this book down until you have reached the last of its 210 pages.

NO LOOSE ENDS ? makes a great present (Christmas or Birthday) and is super for Train or Holiday reading, where light reading is most necessary.


I would like to thank Gregor Hutton for showing me his rpg books and giving me the contact details of the publishers, Without Lulu I could never have afforded to publish. Therefore I would recommend them to anyone looking to publish a book of any sort because you can order any number of copies from 1 upwards.

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