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Hard rocking, hard fighting, hard hitting, in fact NITRO+ BLASTERZ HEROINES INFINITE DUEL is the sequel to Nitro+ Royale: Heroines Duel and is just what the hard working, hard playing PS3/PS4 (or other) player needs to blow off steam after a hard days night. This is a 2D combat game that has pretentions of being 3D from Marvellous offers you an animé adrenaline rush of the highest value and quality. Magnificent backdrops, super-fast combat filled with special and character based moves, and non-stop action make this the fighting challenge game of the year. Play solo and let the artificial intelligence pit you against the stgrongest and most formidable opponents or play against your friends, on or off - line, and practise hard against each other until you join the PlayStation Network and meet opposition from all four corners of the (very round) world.

All the while the fighting is occurring there is a hammering of heavy metal wailing and driving guitars pelting along in the background (well to be honest it's more in the foreground) as the chosen heroes hurl themselves and their weapons at each other at break-neck speed. Whether the combatants are using weapons or fighting hand to hand or boot to face the action is fast and in your face via the amazing graphics and animation. This may be a striking 2D game, but it has the sort of 2D/3D visualisation found in some smart televisions which have 3D as a pre-built in option.

Playing NITRO+ BLASTERZ on a large screen TV is so cool, eye and mind bogglingly cool. Playing it on a 55" smart TV with 3D qualities and a separate large soundbar knocks your socks off. 

After initial loading (on a PS3) you are presented with a Menu:
Story - play a solo offline game against the computer
Another Story - still offline but now against a human opponent (hope you have some friends)
Score Attack - Compete until you get the highest score you can and then connect to the PS Network and compere online with other player's scores.
Training - still solo but now you can take your time and learn the game's skills at your own speed and conveience.
Network - jump straight into the PlayStation Network and fight opponents online.
Gallery - here you can view videos and artwork pertaining to the possibilities within the game world.
Options - change various settings such as Sound, CPU Level, Number of Rounds for the Fight (default is 2), Time limit (defaulting at 99), Vibration on or off (hurts a little at first if you have arthritis in your hands/fingers/thumbs but then actually seems to help them. etc....

So being all alone in the house I slipped into solo Story mode and went through the process of selecting a Hero (Heroine)  from the 14 characters presented to me. A few of these had a padlock on them to show they were currently locked and thus unavailable but the majority are there for the choosing. It's worth taking some time and checking out the possibilities here. The characters are Ein, Ruil, Saber, Homura (locked), Ouka, Anna, Mora, Heart (locked), Sonico, Ethica, Saya, AL, Muramassa and Ignis. For reasons of her great colour scheme I chose AL, only to find out that the next screen allowed me to change the colour of the skimpy clothing worn by my somewhat typical classic animé heroine.Some of the names appear to have been changed slightly from the Japanese originals if Wikipedia is to be believed (see the Wiki list below).

Having chosen a character, AL, my next selection is of her companions. The computer gives me three recommendations; Another Blood, Spica and Dragon; though I am not limited to just these. After looking through the 20 Heroines in the display I decided that the A.I. probably knew best for AL and so chose Dragon and Another Blood from the recommendations.

Ready to go now I hit X for OK and almost immediately the characters onscreen begin conversing with each other, the dialogue subtitled below the characters in short chunks that stay available for you to read until you click them into the ether and the next batch of words arrives on the scene. AL is feeling weird, strange, lacking in her usual confidence and unsure of her surroundings - it looks like Arkham City to her but she isn't sure - and she is in some fear as she can sense the presence of Kurou. 

Playable characters

Support characters

As I said earlier, the backdrops in the combat zones are magnificent, highly coloured and fully detailed but if you are a player who likes to look for something to complain about or criticise then I suppose you can register your displeasure at the virtual lack of animation other than from the combatants. The fighting is excellent, jumping, sliding, kicking, punching and most with major visual FX and superb reaction from the characters when they are struck - often thrown backwards amidst a swirl of smokey explosion. With so many characters to fight with and against the pretty thin storyline is easily forgotten as the action takes centre stage. 

Due to the graphic sexuality of some of the characters, no animé or hente nudity or anything crude, rude or disgusting, but the skimpy costumes on big busted, wide-eyed, narrow nosed heroines are just on the right side of the mark, but even so may still be a little too much for some parents to want their "babies" to be watching and controlling. Me ? I think it's great and shows that animé is a great medium for fun fantasy combat.






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