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NITRO NATION is a free to download Android game available from Google Play for your PC, Android Phone or Tablet. It is a Street Racing game a bit like drag racing with cars starting fast and motoring along faster and faster boosted by sweet gear changes and the optimum use of Nitrous over very short (or slightly longer) straight roads. There are no corners, no bends, no deviating from the straightforward, in fact you don't steer your car in any way, you simply (and I use that word with caution) change gear before your car over-revs and loses power.

To be honest, playing against the device you are using should be little short of boring. I say "should be" because for some reason it isn't, in fact it is downright addictive, despite there being very minimal actions required by the player. 

You can get straight into racing almost as soon as the game is installed. You should select the Practice button and you will be given a car. I was given a Subaru to begin with and I have a feeling that this is the regular starting car. Select RACE and then prepare to do just that. The screen will show your car and that of your opponent. Also on this screen is a speedometer, a circle showing a gear shift and another circle enclosing a foot-pedal. To start the race you tap (with your finger) the Foot-Pedal and keep tapping it until the needle moves along to the Green section on the guage, then let go as the car screeches off along the track.

The needle will jump back and then flow forward again. You need to tap the Gear Change while the needle is in the Green, just tap it once each time the needle hits Green. If you win the race you will score a cash reward, with bonus prize money for Skill and Team efforts. Races are over in seconds and it is this that gets your adrenaline buzzing. All you have to do is Tap Tap Tap ...... Just make sure you Tap Tap Tap at the right time, especially the Nitrous. If you don't hit the Nitro button at exactly the correct time then it is wasted and your car will slow down. It takes a delicate balance and a lot of practice before you can hit the Nitro and the Gear Changer correctly, but once you do your car will fly (almost literally).

Races continue and you score cash per race until you win Race 40 when you change level of experience. However, on your way to this you will need to spend some of the money you are accumulating on upgrades. There are several upgrades, tires, engine, fuel, nitro, drive train, weight etc and each of these has different degrees of customisation. Unlike many games, in Nitro Nation Online you can upgrade to the most expensive and best of the type before upgrading to the first, cheapest and easiest, but somewhere along the way you will have to customise all parts of each Upgrade section.

Then you can get a new car and begin all over again. You could also leave the Practice Runs and begin the Street Race or Story Challenge Runs which will put you up against "named" drivers but still controlled by the games A.I. The prize money increases depending on which Race Mode you are in. Although you are concentrating on your tapping you will often notice other vehicles using the roads beside you, going about their usual business.  There are purchases you can make during play by spending real money but after many hours of play I haven't felt the need to and I am still addicted and playing it.

This may sound a bit daft to many as it is an Online App, but to play it you do need to be online. I mention this because I have other game apps that I have reviewed which arrived the same way as Nitro Nation, installed in the same way, and yet I can play them offline.

Nitro Nation offers the player:  

CARS : You can choose from a fairly good selection of top quality cars from manufacturers like Alfa Romeo, BMW, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Dodge, Ford, Honda, Infiniti, Jaguar, Koenigsegg, Mazda, Nissan, Pagani, SSC, VW. (I admit I found this list online as I have not driven the majority of these cars yet).

STORY: There is a Story that you can follow as you explore the unique and top quality race tracks through 5 chapters with Justin and Da Fly plus a motley crew of characters in the world of illegal street racing.

RACING MODES: There are 5 Game Modes - Story Mode, Street Race, Underground, Division and Pro Street - plus Practice to earn prizes, cash and upgrades, but atm I am only up to Practice, Street and Story. My assumption is that the others open up as you get further into the game.


There is a lot going on that anyone watching you play can take notice of but you as the player will not see while you are racing. It is imperative that you keep your car up to the best possible stats as far as the upgrades and customising go. It is possible, heck it's more than likely, that with your car being slightly lesser in upgrades than your opponents that you will win, but you won't win every time and you need to keep winning, that's the aim of the game. When I reached race 40 I had won all 39 previous races, mostly with ease, but I just couldn't get over the hurdle of the 40th. I was being beaten at the post by times such as 0.02 seconds with my opponent crossing the line at exactly the same time every race, they were even using the same (similarly constructed) car as I was. Then I man aged to use the Nitro just perfect and flew past him and over the line, but it had taken me a lot of time, effort, frustration and .... fun!

This isn't rocket science, it is plain, straightforward adrenaline buzzing amusement at its best.


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