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There is a new Norse Mythology themed game for 2016 called Nine Worlds which went down quite well at Essen in a prototype version

The nine worlds of Norse and Anglo-Germanic myth comprise the battleground for this area control game.

In the game Nine Worlds, players struggle to take control of these worlds, spending action points to add or remove armies, move them between the worlds, or banish them to Helheim.
Control of a world gives access to world powers that players can use to win the game. Victory relates to the numbers of armies that players have in the Nine Worlds along with controlling or disputing control of as many worlds as possible.

If you are at Dragonmeet in London in December or Conpulsion in April there will be demo games on display and for you to play there. 

Look out for demo games at other UK events also.

It is hoped that there will be a near finished version out at UK Games Expo in June with a view to an Essen Spiel release.

The designer has another game called Tinker Tailor, which is worthy of a look. You can find out about it (for now - GGO review coming in the near future)   HERE

The game play has had favourable response but comments concerning the artwork have been a little less enthusiastic. It is a fun, family, light game with some clever strategies.
People who play it say they enjoy it and its popularity is being spread by word of mouth. Check it out and join the fast-growing expanding list of players.

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