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My apologies, but this press release came through in German and I had to use Google Translate to translate it into English. As you may well know this doesn't always make 100% sense but I think that you can get the gist of what this is about. NIGHTFALL the excellent card game distributed by Pegasus Spiele in Germany has a new expansion DEATH TOLL now available. If you haven't played NIGHTFALL yet I recommend it quite highly.

NIGHTFALL death toll appeared
While under the cities go, or if as a bulwark against the horror, must defend the people outside of the last protected areas by other means against the creatures of the night. But in the lawless expanse of the country to set himself this seemingly hopeless struggle willingly: Welcome to the 2nd Extension of deck building card game "NIGHT FALL: death toll."
The second Enlargement Nightfall provides toll-new command you cards with unknown effects and a new central mechanism: the wounds suffered by you can take advantage of new effects, which you can give you advantages in the struggle for power! You can expect a completely new game world from the creators of Thunder Stone, who has competed in the U.S. for some time to conquer. New mechanisms have a direct play against each other.
"Nightfall: death toll" includes the card in the set, two sets of promo cards from the base game, "Nightfall" and the first expansion of "state of emergency". "Toll" is a pure extension of "Nightfall", and not the base game. To "Nightfall: toll 'to play, one needs to install the base game to" Nightfall "itself
Nightfall: toll
Card game expansion from Pegasus Games
Game Design: David Gregg, Graphics & Design: Christine Conrad, Thomas Deeny, Ronnie Dyer, jim pinto, Mark Quire, Paul Timm, capacity: 192 cards, 1 instruction; CODE: 51052G, EAN 4250231715129, Size: 136 x 189 x 65 mm; MSRP 17,95

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