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Pegasus Games and Geek platform WorldofNerds close a close partnership - exclusive fan groups provide the user with news and discussion material around the connoisseur Games Pegasus Games.

Friedberg, April 24, 2015: Whether on the PC or console, whether board games, tabletop or pen - & - paper: Nerds like to play a lot. In addition to the game is particularly communication with peers in focus. To supervise the WorldofNerds community in the field of Kenner- and expert games even better and be able to supply around the popular game regularly with news, cooperates with the Pegasus platform game publisher.

With its wide range of Nerd play - from classical to Fantasy Cyberpunk - and years of expertise in the field "Organized Play" enables Pegasus Spiele WorldofNerds the members to interact with the creators and players about their gaming experiences.

Michael Kränzle, Marketing Manager at Pegasus games, the collaboration:

" is a specialist nerdy topics and that's how we see ourselves! In this very active and great community we meet passionate players who have internalized the Organized Play and the associated communication. This is a perfect base for us and our games. "

The first joint community project starts with the innovative Kennerspiel Golem Arcana, a digitally enhanced miniatures board game that can descend through an interface for smartphone and tablet app directly into the game.

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About WorldofNerds unites gamers, role players and all other geeks in a single platform. Thousands of enthusiastic members from around the world is one of Germany's first platform of its kind already to start. This is the first port of call to find like-minded people and discuss his hobbies. The heart of WorldofNerds are the members themselves: Gamer, role player, movie, comic or anime lovers already engaged in the testing phase of WorldofNerds and contributed significantly to the development of the platform. Thanks to the feedback the developers implemented a number of key features that make the exchange within the community unique. Initiator of the platform is André Kuschel, in his expert for role-playing and gaming as well as managing the WorldofNerds GmbH. Kuschel is also host of Europe's role play fair, Role Play Convention (in short: RPC).

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