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TECNAM P2006T for FSX & P3D!
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for FSX and P3D v1/v2

Download on sale now - £15.99 / €19.95 / $23.99

  • Complete 3D virtual cockpit with multiple functional switches, knobs and levers
  • Very latest modelling and texturing techniques give high frame rates while maintaining beautiful visuals
  • Super-smooth Accu-glide needles for the analogue gauges
  • Amazing high resolution reflective and chrome textures
  • Accurate external emergency oil pressure gauge - can be read in external views
  • High quality digital stereo sounds recorded directly from the real aircraft
  • Accu-glow exterior night lighting for extremely realistic lighting effects

  • Fully animated and realistic pilot, and a choice of female or male left-seat pilot
  • Security and 'remove before flight' display features
  • Opening doors and a fully detailed engine bay under a removable cover
  • Innovative safety system to stop you from taking the engine cover off and opening the passenger door while the engine is running!
  • Flight dynamics programmed according to the manufacturer’s specifications
  • Small details such as welded areas and red ink check marks on suspension parts add to the realism
  • Easy-to-use operating manual, a blank livery for creating your own paint schemes, and included checklists and performances tables

See the Just Flight website for screenshots, video and full details!


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