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Ravensburg, May 18, 2015 - The card-board game "Broom Service" the frequent player brand "Alea" made ​​by Ravensburger has been nominated for the prestigious award "Kenner Game of the Year". In addition, the educational game "The twisted voice Zoo" is on the list of recommendations "Children's Game of the Year". The jury gave the morning the contenders for this year's game Oscar known.
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In "Broom Service", players take on the roles of collectors, witches and druids. They are trying to establish profitable as possible potions and then deliver throughout Sorcerer's Kingdom. Each of the two to five player receives at the beginning of ten role cards, one of which he must choose four per pass. Then the players compete in a kind of trick taking game to the actions of the selected role cards. Who interprets a card, decides whether it "brave" or "cowardly" plays this. The courageous actions are particularly profitable, but also risky, since they can still be snapped up by the following players. The cowardly actions, however, are not as rewarding, but safe.
The Jury for the nomination: "The assessment is often required to try to perform an action risky and therefore more lucrative or rather cautious and therefore reliably ensures tension on the assembly line. Truly magical moments experienced, who demystified the tactical plans of the enemy. Especially nice: Additional professional variants make the game even more exciting. "
Jury recommends "The twisted voice Zoo"
The educational game "The twisted voice Zoo" from Ravensburger is also on the list of recommendations for "Children's Game of the Year". "A versatile language game for the whole family, in which children playfully learn to express themselves, listen carefully and remember facts - with unusual Schedule and variants for professional flags," says the jury.
What makes the lion with an ice cream? What did the serpent do with the balloon? The small zoo visitors are in turn encouraged to invent a funny story about two motif chips. Hidden gears let the motif chips disappear under the Schedule, but it later emerged a back to: Who still remembers, with which the subject of the lion which has made ​​and can tell them? Since it is a good listener and on memory. And in inventing and re-telling the imaginative Zoo Stories practice preschoolers playfully to express themselves. There is also a version of the game for professional storyteller.
You can find information on the game of the year and the detailed reasoning of the jury to the two games on .
Broom Service
by Andreas Pelikan and
Alexander Pfister
for 2 - 5 players
from 10 years
about 40 euros
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