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The card game MindMaze of Pegasus games , the players in front of lots of tricky puzzles - and the same in two editions

Some stories are almost too crazy to believe . The new card game from Pegasus, MindMaze, is chock full of such stories and Tricky puzzle games. The highlight: While a player knows the anecdote , all others must try to guess by questions . It will be up to the players if they want to compete with or against each other .

Since Robert Lembke's television classic " What am I? " The gameplay in the core is familiar : the players are provided with little information and then have to come closer to yes -no questions of the solution. MindMaze - Tricky puzzles now transfers this popular outlet with two curious issues on criminal cases and incredible but true stories. The puzzles in each case contained 66 are divided into three levels of difficulty to challenge even the most experienced puzzle geezer yet . And in addition to the "classic" version of the game , players can also play in the competition version to find out using the points standings, who is the smartest .

MindMaze - Tricky puzzles is an easily stated but hard to by looking puzzle card game for clever play groups of any size. At least two players from ten years up to 30 minutes looking for the puzzle solution ruffle the hair here . This spring, the new MindMaze series of Pegasus Games opened criminal cases and real stories with the titles . MSRP 9,95 €

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