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Pegasus Games ensures Sommerlaune with new card games


Friedberg, 06.17.2016: With Love Letter began in 2014, the triumph of Micro Games in Germany. Simple rules, little material and still great fun - this is what distinguishes these games. With element, the new title in the 2-player series, demonstrates Pegasus Games once again how versatile 16 cards are used. For all coup-fun it also comes with junta - back Las Cartas in the fabled República de las Bananas. Both games are available now.

Are the elements in the game, a cool head and a good poker face are in demand. Who will be first with their own hole cards to form a sum which is as close to the central display, without exceeding it? And who dares first to announce the victory and to compare their own cards with those of goal? These are the questions the player in Elements, the latest addition to the 2-player series have to face. The game is played here with only 16 cards, of which taken out in each round four randomly. Winning is at the end of one whose hand cards are in sum closer to the limit in the middle of the table, or may bluff so convincingly that his teammates would rather give up voluntarily. Read more on the Pegasus website

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