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Who will win the race, lose ? The New Release Why First of Pegasus Games opened the race for second place - since it is only there's gold


Friedberg, 04 May 2015: In an all races are equal: The Second is the first loser. But now comes to an end. In the fast-paced novelty Why First? Pegasus Games is finally the fine art, to finish second, appreciated. Because here there is only the second place points - and ultimately only the second-most points to win. However, in order not to simply make the race for the golden silver medal, one the players can constantly helping hand and thus make the coveted second spot in dispute.

In 15 to 25 minutes vying for the novelty Why First? Pegasus Games two to six players from seven years about not lie at the end of the beginning. The original racing fun of Simon Havard conventions are head: Siegen is silver, second is gold!

RRP € 9.95

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