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The new Krosmaster tournament season is open

The Organized Play Series 2 Krosmaster starts this month - the great expansion Frigost coming in March

Friedberg, February 19, 2015: The tactical battles of cute Krosmaster enjoy not only a growing fan base - they can be publicly and with views held at attractive prices thanks to the Organized Play. From 25 February 2015, the tournament season of Krosmaster 2 goes with monthly prizes and the boosters of the series in the next round.

As of February 25 players and figure collectors can again lead in all participating local shops their Krosmaster teams into battle while month einsacken extraordinary prices - thematically on March appearing, large ice world extension for Krosmaster Arena: Frigost.

Frigost leads owners of the game in two new frosty arenas and provides for an encounter with the powerful Count prime number - one exclusively available in this expansion Krosmaster figure.

Who is however not yet familiar with the Krosmoz and goes prefer something smaller, is best served with the duel boxes: These allow to release two exclusive Krosmaster in a mini-arena and with simplified rules on each other. So you can experience the thrilling battles of the original game in a crisp 10-minute format.

Event organizers and players will find all the necessary information about the Krosmaster Organized Play - from the official tournament rules, to the event date - on . If you still have questions, they will be sending an email to quickly resolved.

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